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This semi-firm washed-rind cheese, of the Maroilles type, is made from pasteurized milk produced by local herds. Ripened on the surface with brine for 40 days, its reddish crust is sometimes covered with a white and moist down. Its ivory core is smooth and creamy. The cheese exudes a herbaceous and country aroma, and its taste, also herbaceous, has pleasant notes of farm-fresh milk that linger in the mouth.

Le Diable aux Vaches

  • Ingredients

    Pasteurized whole milk, bacterial culture, salt, rennet

    Humidity 50%

    Fat 26%

    Keep refrigerated

  • Wine & Food pairing

  • Nutritional value

    Calories 100 // Lipids / Saturated / Trans 8g / 5g / 0g // Cholesterol 25mg // Sodium 150mg // Glucids / Fibers / Sugars 0g / 0g / 0g // Proteins 6g // Vitamin A 6% // Vitamin C 0% // Calcium 4% // Iron 2%

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