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Notre Histoire

20 years already !

In 1990, we acquired the Barrette family farm, which had been run by the same family for four generations.


We had some ideas about transforming the property, and decided to build an artisan cheese factory, which opened on September 26, 1996. At that time, the milk produced on the farm was only processed into curd cheese, which was distributed locally.


In 1998, after just over a year of testing, we were finally ready to market our Cru du Clocher cheese. Distribution began throughout the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region. A few months later, we joined forces with Plaisirs Gourmets, which distributes the Cru du Clocher through a number of specialty shops in Quebec.


However, disaster struck on December 18, 1999: a fire ravaged our barn and destroyed part of the herd. How would we get milk in the short term?

We decided to use some of our neighbours’ milk.

Since then, selection of the milk provider has been based on the feed given to cows and the milk’s microbial quality. Following a delay to validate milk quality, production of Cru du Clocher resumed.


Throughout all these years, we have worked to expand our distribution, both geographically and with new products. In 2012, we decided to produce a soft cheese.


As a result of our experiments, our Angélus was born, and a few months later, our Cendré de Notre-Dame. In 2016, Anne Barrette joined our team. She is interested in “taking over” the cheese factory.


Since then, Anne has officially taken on a larger role. She is now General Manager in charge of operations at the cheese factory. Succession is definitely guaranteed!


Crédit Photo: Lucie Charest

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