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The Coeur du Village is a layered pasteurized cheddar. The middle layer is macerated in red wine jelly from the Domaine Desducs, a local winery. The wheel’s exterior is also crafted with red wine jelly. The Coeur du Village has a distinctive appearance, and it’s very beautiful!

Le Coeur du Village

  • Ingredients

    Milk, bacterial culture, salt, rennet and jelly de vin rouge
    Humidity 39%
    Fat 31%
    Keep refrigerated

  • Wine & Food pairing

    White Wine:
    - Frontenac Gris in oak barrels of Montérégie
    - Finely wooded Chardonnay from the Okanagan Valley
    Local beer: Joannès - Trèfle Noir

  • Nutritional value

    Calories 120 // Lipids / Saturated / Trans 9g / 6g / 0.2g // Cholesterol 30mg // Sodium 150mg // Glucids / Fibers / Sugars 1g / 0g / 0g // Proteins 7g // Vitamin A 15% // Vitamin C 0% // Calcium 15% // Iron 0%

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