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Our classic! A cheddar cheese made from raw milk and aged six months. The milk used comes from four neighbouring herds selected according to the feed given to cows and the milk’s microbial quality. Six months aging is relatively young for cheddar, but it has a medium-strong taste and a very creamy texture.

Le Cru du Clocher

  • Ingredients

    Raw milk, bacterial culture, salt, rennet

  • Nutritional value

    Calories 130 // Lipids / Saturated / Trans 10g / 6g / 0.4g // Cholesterol 30mg // Sodium 130mg // Glucids / Fibers / Sugars 1g / 0 g / 0g // Proteins 7g // Vitamin A 35 mg // Vitamin C 0mg // Calcium 205mg // Iron 0mg

  • Wine & Food pairing

    Red Wine: Fruity & Generous
    White Wine: Fruity & Bright

    Local beer: Oatmeal Stout - Trèfle Noir

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